As we are specialists in rimless frames, we can offer you over a million combination possibilities for Lindberg and Silhouette frames – the city’s biggest selection!

Our spectacles: personalised, attractive, authentic and functional

Every face and every visual requirement differ from one person to another – we definitively have the right frame to meet every need.

Experience a new dimension in the field of spectacle frames!

Together with the leading designer eyewear manufacturers Lindberg and Silhouette, we have developed a system that allows us to match your frame model to all face shapes and age categories. Here in the store we can offer you an infinite number of ways of combining frame shapes, colours, sizes and fittings.

The absolute highlight: on request, we can produce your new spectacles with an engraving.

Ingeniously unique, simply ingenious

Every single frame offered by us is handpicked. Our selection criteria include authenticity, originality, design, quality and compliance with ethnic and moral principles or manufacture.

Every manufacturer of the frames we offer has their own very special know-how, making their products superior to all others on the market. This uniqueness is important to us! The originality and design of each manufacturer, combined with functionality and quality, are the factors that determine what frames we offer in our business.

See the german pages for our Lindberg, Silhouette, Adidas, Braun Classics, Eschenbach Optik, Tom Davies and Zeiss frames.

Your spectacles are unique

Your personal measuring data make each of your lenses totally unique – in combination with the right frame, this results in a unique pair of spectacles that perfectly reflects your personality.
We are totally flexible when fitting your lenses: the length of the progression zone is individually adapted to your personal situation. This means you can enjoy the largest possible ranges of vision, even with small, fashionable frames.


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