See better after 40

Presbyopia is a totally normal condition: the slow hardening of the crystalline lens starts at the age of 25. From around the age of 40 onwards, your arms began to become too “short“, i.e. you have difficulty focusing at close range and you have to hold a book or newspaper at a greater distance from your eyes to be able to read the text. You need a visual aid.

  • Reading glasses allow presbyopic eyes to see clearly at close range again. However, intermediate and distant ranges appear blurred and unfocused.
  • Bifocal lenses allow clear vision at near and far, but objects in the middle distance range are still blurred.
  • Progressive lenses provide the presbyopic eye with smooth, clear vision from far to near without transitions, i.e. also for intermediate distances, unlike bifocals.

Progressive lenses are the only way of restoring natural vision at all distances. Decisive factors for the selection and wearer tolerance of progressive lenses are not only absolute precision and high-end analysis during the measurement, but also sufficient time and a high degree of expertise during the consultation.

Lenses perfectly matched to your eyes

Only a progressive lens individually produced to meet your personal needs can take into account the special properties of your eye and your personal visual behaviour. ZEISS progressive lenses are exactly and individually designed and produced for each of your eyes and to meet every requirement.

Every single lens displays the proven features that make ZEISS progressive lenses so distinctive and comfortable to wear: minimisation of higher order aberrations, horizontal symmetry, point-by-point optimisation and extensive allowance for ergonomic aspects.

Lenses with revolutionary optimisation

Every eye is as individual as a fingerprint – with unique imaging properties. On the basis of wavefront technology, we record the imaging properties of your eyes with the i.Profiler®. Not only is your entire eye measured, but real-life requirements are also taken into account and calculated. After all, life is not all black-and-white and rigid – it is dynamic, with constant changes in light and contrast, reflections, colours, etc.

Your personal data is converted by Carl Zeiss Vision and then implemented in the form of individualised ZEISS lenses with i.Scription®.

The innovative i.Scription® method for individual lens computation takes different conditions of use into account. Colours are richer than ever before, night and twilight orientation is possible without reflections or haloes, and everything is seen with breathtaking sharpness – and all with outstanding contrast and clarity.

Benefits of i.Scription®

ZEISS lenses with i.Scription® combine the latest scientific knowledge and many years of experience to provide perfect vision:

  • Optimized vision – also at night and in twilight
  • Large depth of field
  • High contrast
  • Rich colours

Progressive lenses with the Vision System

Because better vision is possible!
Our spectacles are more than just two lenses in a frame: only when the individual components have been exactly measured and matched using leading edge technology is perfect vision possible.

The Vision System allows an optimum dialogue between the eye and the lens:

  • Extensive analysis of your visual habits.
  • Exact refraction with ZEISS high-tech instrument systems.
  • Accurate anatomical fitting of your frame.
  • Computer-aided determination of the spectacle and centring data.

Point-by-point optimisation

Your lenses are individually computed and produced for each power. In traditional progressive lenses the optimization is performed for one power within a specified range. The design of Carl Zeiss Vision allows the optimisation to be performed for each power (dioptres, cylinder, axis, addition, prism, base position).


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