Tips for spectacle care

Where should you keep your glasses?

A sturdy case is the best place to keep your glasses when they are not needed. And if you do not have a case, put your glasses in a safe place, taking care to ensure that the lenses are pointing upwards.

Softly does it!

The best way to clean your lenses is under running water using a ph-neutral cleaning agent. Dirt particles are simply rinsed off. This means that you do not damage your lenses when you dry the surface afterwards. Use a soft, clean cloth for drying.

The right cloth for clean glasses

We recommend a micro-fibre cloth and a special cleaning agent from Carl Zeiss Vision. By using a micro-fibre cloth, you can easily remove grease and dirt without leaving any streaks. Other textiles such as clothing, ties or handkerchiefs may lead to scratching of your lens.

How to look after your micro-fibre cleaning cloth

Micro-fibre cleaning cloths from Carl Zeiss should be washed at 40° C. Please do not use a fabric softener. as optical cleansing cloths treated with fabric softener will produce streaks on the lens during cleaning.

High temperatures may damage your lenses

Important: Please do not subject your lenses to temperatures of over 80°C. Such temperatures are reached in the sauna or on the dashboard of your car in the sun, for example.

Guaranteed quality

The discreet ZEISS laser engraving on your branded lenses is your guarantee of optimum visual comfort. Hold up your clean spectacles at an angle to the light: you will then be able to see the discreet ZEISS laser engraving at the outer edge of the lens.